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5 of the 10 biggest channels on the Youtube network are for kids,

we will be one of them.

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Ben plus Chris is an innovation in youtube channels aimed at children. It's a perfect mix of children's fun and adventure with the many types of education needed to make happy human beings.


Ben + Chris is a Youtube kids webserie, with recordings in Portugal and the UK, that has been developed based on more than two years of detailed research and studies of success kids Youtube channels and educationals ones.


A channel with educational quality content and developed to create a new generation of human beings with more love for others and a sustainable mentality for the planet.

The channel is part of a biggest project, The Newland Project that we'll talk about below.

About us and
our Values

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Our Audience and
Educational program

The Ben + Chris educational project was created to develop the skills and competences of children in the literacy phase, in addition to the episodes featuring Interactions and games for the younger ones. Thus, our target audience is between 0 and 10 years old, but our audience easily breaks this margin with fun and adventure episodes for the whole family.

Speaking of audience more specifically. Ben + Chris directly reached children and families around the world through the YouTube channel, which is still in testing phases. However, it already reaches, with a good weight, parents and children through our Instagram account, which already has more than 6 thousand subscribers and reaches mainly the United Kingdom, Brazil and Portugal, mother countries of the channel. It is also interesting to note that the Brazilian communities in the United Kingdom and Portugal are particularly affected by the fact that the ruling and active families in the channel are of Brazilian origin and residents of Portugal and the UK.

Reports from parents thanking for the quality of the material and the excellent educational service provided by the channel have been seen since the first releases.

The quality of the material and excasses of this type of content on the network has been helping to spread and surpassing expectations of reaching the public. After the testing phase and the start of the marketing plan, scheduled for February 2022, the channel is supposed to reach numbers in excess of 1 million views in 24 hours after the launch of each video, a trend that is still supposed to grow over time of the channel. These data were estimates already taken from the first tests of videos driven through the Youtube network, which has surpassed the networks' expectations by more than 5x the indicated viewing value. The chart below shows the audience expectation offered by Youtube at the beginning of the campaign, compared to the number of views achieved by the episode. The large variation between the number of views from one episode to another is due to the fact that the tests are still in the technical testing phase. The content against each other was only tested at the end of the testing phase, scheduled for January 2022.

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Mais de 6 Mil seguidores e 10 mil contas alcançadas em cada mês,. Números em crescimento contínuo

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Mais de 20 mil visualizações ainda em fase de testes. Números em crescimento constante.

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The Producers

Dp video solution, the company that created the project, is a company run by Brazilian filmmakers, Silvia Syl and Willian Bonato, both with over 20 years of experience in films, videos and TV. The company has been established in Portugal since 2016 with great excellence and recognition for their work.. 


In August 2021, they teamed up with business woman Flávia Dale and filmmaker Chris Dale to open a new branch in London, UK, where DP already has the quality crest of Her Majesty the Queen


The project also has the support of the Danish company sustainary, directed by Human Shojaee, a specialist in the development of major global sustainability projects.

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Supported by

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Ben + Chris is part of the Newland project

Newland project, have the mission to form the sustainable mind of the planet through the new generation.

​Ben + Chris is an independent, economically scalable project that will be in the future tied to two new projects. Ben + Chris is the first project of 3, that will, through new media, gain children's attention and monetize the following projects. 

NewLand's next projects include a sustainable amusement park and the creation of an Eco city Resort.

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Meet the Gang
The Filmmaker Willian Bonato, as dad or as some villain who wants to disrupt the children's love plans, guides the Ben e Chris Gang through a series of mini-films that address serious and important issues through fun and adventure episodes. His children, Ben and Chris
also invite to the episodes our little dolls, Millie and Gaby whos give the feminine lightness of our channel.
The three stages to spread Ben+Cris around the world
Phase 1 - The first phase of Ben + Chris is the channel launch phase, core audience attraction and direct marketing and content  testing. The current phase of the project will seek, through research directly applied to the channel, the perfect path for dissemination around the world, starting by attracting audiences who will make the support base for personalized dissemination, both on Youtube and Instagram, these are these the countries of origin of our little actors. Portugal, UK and Brazil.
Phase Goal: Detailed Marketing Plan Design and 1 Million Views

Phase 2 - January to April 2022 - Here we will start the project to attract the world public. At this stage, large financial investments will be applied to the channel's marketing for worldwide dissemination. With the goal surpassed, we will start implementing episodes more directly focused on sustainability.
Stage goal: Exceed the 700 million views mark

Phase 3 - April to October 2022 - With the project already consolidated in the world, we will start the production phase of the brand's sustainable souvenirs, video games and toys. This phase also begins the development of the second Newland project, the sustainable theme park.Stage goal: 6 billion views and 10 million subscribers

Note: the estimates above are based on research and studies carried out on the trajectories of real children's channels that were structured to be successful on the Youtube social network.

Get to know them:

esboço Seta
You Have to read this 
Meet the proponents
Film Slate Marcador
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Ed Cavalcante

Writer and educationalist graduated and postgraduated from the Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil. He was one of those responsible for implementing the Common National Curriculum Base for schools in Brazil and also for the re-elaboration of the Minas Gerais Reference Curriculum, by the Minas Gerais State Department of Education, where he has been working since 2007 as an Educational Analyst. He also served as Trainer and Deputy Coordinator of the National Pact for Literacy at the Right Age at the Federal University of Ouro Preto and Co-ordinator of the Collaboration Regime at UNDIME-MG. At DP video solution he is part of the scripting team for the episodes of Ben + Chris and is a pedagogical consultant for the channel.

In his spare time, he photographs, reads and writes stories to delight readers of all ages. He recently published two books on children's literature by Editora Brazil Publishing: Cora e Xisto (2021) and«

Bebezerro (2021)

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Silvia Bonato

Artist by nature, I started a career at 4 as an actress and model, at 23 I became head of casting of the largest agency of children's actors in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have managed the production and directed the cast of numerous tv series and TV shows of major Brazilian broadcasters, like Rede Globo de TV (the fourth free-to-air television network in the World) .  I have been an art and production director since I was 15. In 2006 I specialized in Movies and advertisement directing  at UCLA, Los Angeles ( the hundreds of recipients of the Guggenheim, Sloan and other leading fellowship grants and awards). Today I am the creative director of my own audiovisual production company DP Video Solution, with head offices in  Portugal, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

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Will Bonato

Cinema lover from an early age, Will was already directing and producing his own films at 14 years old. Bachelor's degree in Communication and Cinema at the age of 24 by one of the most renowned cinema Universities in Brazil, UNESA. Will specialized in Post Production and was head of the team that covered Cisco System events, official sponsor of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In 2019/2020 Will was the director of filming and post production of Sustainable Fast track UK ,an event held by the  UK Department for International Trade (DIT) to promote and support the best European companies with great, sustainable products or services.  Today he is the Technical Director and Post Production Director of his own audiovisual production company DP Video Solution with more than 100 clients around the world.

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Chris Dale

Chris Dale grew up inside one of the world's largest film hubs, in London, UK. He was part of the camera and photography crew of major blockbusters films, such as: Harry Potter, Cinderella, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Bridget Jones, The Bourne Ultimatum, Sweeney Tood of the consecrated Tim Burton, among others. Today I am director of photography at DP Video Solution

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Flavia Dale

Our Head of projects are Flavia Dale, she has a bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management, with specialization in Marketing. Entrepreneur and more than 20 years experience as a conferences and events planning and manager. flavia has been working for an outsourced events company in the past 10 years working with different industries from banking to major corporations such as Microsoft and Disney for example. 

A little bit more...

A DP e as Mídias sociais

The DP Video Solution Team specializes in YouTube channels and manages social networks for major Brazilian artists, in addition to producing art for several other artists in partnership with graphic design Ícaro Tavares. Among the managed social networks are names like Belo, more than 2 million and four hundred followers on Instagram, the duo Gian e Giovanni and José Augusto. On Youtube, DP also manages successful channels, including the singer Rodrigo Teaser, with more than 300 thousand subscribers. Below is the graph of the increase in financial earnings of singer Rodrigo Teaser, after the entrance of the DP team.

  • www.youtube.com/rodrigoteaser
Rodrigo Teaser Channel

Ben + Chris no Instagram

The Ben + Chris Youtube channel also receives support for dissemination and artistic complementation through the social network Instagram. The page is constantly growing and has a better audience engagement rate than any marketing projection. Below is a chart to indicate the most current data on the channel that grows organically each day.

  • www.instagram.com/benpluschris
Ben + Chris Instagram

Spontaneous donation



Spontaneous donation is one of them. If you have a heart of gold, are concerned about the future of our planet and the people who live on it, and are willing to help our cause by making a financial donation to our project, please feel free to make a deposit, of any amount, through our PayPall account below. This amount will be used to improve the quality of our work, help fund our marketing plan and promote the channel.

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