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5 of the 10 biggest channels on the Youtube network

are for kids, we will be one of them.

Ben + Chris is part of the Newland project

Newland project, have the mission to form the sustainable mind of the planet through the new generation.

​Ben + Chris is an independent, economically scalable project that will be in the future tied to two new projects, to complet Newland project. Ben + Chris is the first project of 3, that will, through new media, gain children's attention and monetize the following projects. 

Know more about Newland Project above.


The Project

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Ben + Chris is already a reality the channel was launched and the project is in progress since July 2021, the profit projection is expected to start in October 2024 and to shorten this deadline to 2022 and increase profits, we are looking for investment that will be applied in improving the quality of videos and in dissemination and marketing of the channel.

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The first phase of the project will be to capture the attention of the child's public and the development of our mini influencers. The initial theme is the adventures of two brothers and their father, still within the themes of current successful channels studied. Stories created in the children’s minds that become a reality full of colors, special effects and lots of joy.
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In the second project’s phase the channel will move slightly to episodes where children are encouraged to develop sustainability and autonomy based on montessori pedagogical concepts of sustainability and entrepreneurship, always preserving their playful and innoce. In addition at this stage we will introduce the new artistic animation characters that will support the second project.
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Proposing team

In addition to the direction team, the project will also have a pedagogical consultancy and a business partner for our administration, but below we will present the creators and coordinators of the filming team. 

The direction of the project will be DP VIDEO SOLUTION, a multinational creative video production company, specialized in the Youtube social network for more than 6 Years and Sociais network managment of great artists and Youtube Channels.

The Company started its activities 7 years ago in Brazil; in 2016 they covered all "Cisco System" sponsor events at the Brazilian Olympic Games. Since 2017 DP Video Solutions has changed its headquarter to Portugal.


They also manage social networks of great Brasilians artists such as singers Belo, Gian and Giovanne and Rodrigo Teaser. They are experts in the Youtube network with large channels on the rise

You can watch some of DP Video Solution art peaces in the portfolio page of this website

Film Slate Marcador
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Silvia Bonato

Artist by nature, I started a career at 4 as an actress and model, at 23 I became head of casting of the largest agency of children's actors in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. I have managed the production and directed the cast of numerous tv series and TV shows of major Brazilian broadcasters, like Rede Globo de TV (the fourth free-to-air television network in the World) .  I have been an art and production director since I was 15. In 2006 I specialized in Movies and advertisement directing  at UCLA, Los Angeles ( the hundreds of recipients of the Guggenheim, Sloan and other leading fellowship grants and awards). Today I am the creative director of my own audiovisual production company DP Video Solution, with head offices in  Portugal, Brazil and the United Kingdom.

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Will Bonato

Cinema lover from an early age, Will was already directing and producing his own films at 14 years old. Bachelor's degree in Communication and Cinema at the age of 24 by one of the most renowned cinema Universities in Brazil, UNESA. Will specialized in Post Production and was head of the team that covered Cisco System events, official sponsor of the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

In 2019/2020 Will was the director of filming and post production of Sustainable Fast track UK ,an event held by the  UK Department for International Trade (DIT) to promote and support the best European companies with great, sustainable products or services.  Today he is the Technical Director and Post Production Director of his own audiovisual production company DP Video Solution with more than 100 clients around the world.

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Chris Dale

Chris Dale grew up inside one of the world's largest film hubs, in London, UK. He was part of the camera and photography crew of major blockbusters films, such as: Harry Potter, Cinderella, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Bridget Jones, The Bourne Ultimatum, Sweeney Tood of the consecrated Tim Burton, among others. Today I am director of photography at DP Video Solution

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Flavia Dale

Flavia Dale has a bachelor's degree in Hospitality Management, with specialization in Marketing. Entrepreneur and more than 20 years experience as a conferences and events manager. flavia has been working for an outsourced events company in the past 10 years working with different industries from banking to major corporations such as Microsoft and Disney for example. Today Flavia is the Director of Productions and Head of Projects at  DP Video Solution.

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Channels Audience

Click to review channels data 


infos to understand financial inputs through the Youtube network.

shared profit

The Youtube network allocates 55% of the advertising fund to content creators

Youtube is family friendly

.It is proven that Youtube and their advertisers prioritizes family friendly themed channels


Each channel is evaluated by the quality of the audiovisual product and the symmetry of ideas with the network. Thus each channel is assigned a metric of values to be received per 1000 views. It's the CPM and RPM of each channel. At the end channels can receive an average between 0.50 and 4 dollars per 1000 views.

In this way the channel analysis platform Social Blade, assumes that channels with, for example, 2Billion views on average (case of the channel Diana Show presented previously), would receive minimal 12 Million dollars annually. Considering the previous information, in number 2, Children's Channels has the potential to reach more than 100 million dollars annually only with advertisers of the Youtube network.


Commercialization of Ben + Chris branded toys, books, clothing, household items and other products.


Creating in-game video games, apps, and products

Merchandising, inclusion of brands during episodes

Sponsored episodes. Episodes exclusive to external brands

for example, Nastya has just signed a contract with the American store "Target" to distribute its collectibles, toys and personalized items


We will now present the results of some tests carried out in channels managed by the company and authorized to do so by DP Video Solution


It will be displayed some visualization and channel profit charts

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Design sem nome - 2021-09-10T192651.496.png
  • Rodrigo Teaser
    300 000 subscribers

  • Cinestória
    28 000 subscribers

  • Espiritualidade Raciocinada
    1000 subscribers

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Ben + Chris Schedule

A Youtube channel that is well produced without capital assistance or external financial investment is able to yield good results from 2 to 5 years normally. The period of financial return with the inclusion of paid traffic and investment in the project's private production, increases this capability of financial returns from 3 months to 1 year

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New Land


Ben Plus Chris Project is the beginning of a larger project that encompasses two more major projects

1. Capture attention and monetize the process.

2. Implement the concepts.

3. Provide education and knowledge

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Piscina de spa de bambu
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PROJECT 1 - Ben + Chris

The project to capture the attention of the new generation and the monetization of the whole project is already being developed in new media (mainly Youtube and Instagram). It consists in a children's Youtube channel that has been developed to seek the attention of our target, introduce our characters and sustainable ideals, in addition to giving early support to the next 2 projects.

Algodão doce

PROJECT 2 - Newland

Following a revamped Disney business model, we will develop a themed amusement park with channel characters tied to a mini city, 100% sustainable, Which has the goal of becoming the sustainability mecca of the world, visited by thousands of people from all corners of the world. A place where the magic and playful fun of our show will become a reality for families around the world

Energia Sustentável

PROJECT 3 - Education

A sustainable Resort will be introduced to the mini city. In addition to the traditional Eco tourism and leisure, it will bring congresses, events and people renowned for global sustainability to the conscious development of an audience that has already developed its personality based on a sustainable development program of the world.

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